How Do I Keep My Dog from Getting Into Holiday Gifts?

by | Dec 2020

A dog looks up at their owner with Christmas gifts in the background.


Give your dog their own gifts to keep yours safe.

Holidays are upon us again. The entire family including the dog shares the excitement. Do you put your dog on your gift list? If not, perhaps you will want to this year. When we shop for our dogs it is important to consider a few things. Not all dogs like to wear clothes, and frilly clothes could pose a health hazard with baubles and fringes they can chew and swallow. Coats and booties are fine. Chew treats are best and safest if made in the U.S. Toys are always fun and special treats from one of the many local dog bakeries would be great. A safe raw (not baked) bone to chew on when other family members are eating or visiting is pawsome for the dog.

Pet Parent Question: How do I keep my dog from getting into all the gift toys for the kids and other decorations?

It is good to have a toy box or basket for just your dog’s toys. A dog needs to have his/her own play space and very own toys. He will enjoy chew toys, soft toys and having a large selection to pick from. This will help keep him busy and from getting into your other things. It is still necessary to supervise children and dogs at all times to keep everyone safe.

Happy holiday woofs and smiles!

Donna Chicone is an award-winning author, TEDx speaker and advocate for dogs. She lives in Woodbury. You might find her engaged in pet-assisted therapy work.


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