How to Make the Most of Your Home’s Space

by | Apr 2019

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Photo: Joel Schnell

Even if your home has plenty of square footage, you might not be utilizing it as well as you could.

This article originally appeared as part of the story Multicolored Mélange in the April 2019 issue.

The Pierce family home—recently renovated by Novāre Renovation and Design—had 5,000-plus square feet, so there was no shortage of space. But an awkward and inefficient layout made it tough to give each family member room to call their own and pursue their own hobbies. Here are a few of the tricks the Novāre team used to make the most of the space.

Add a Murphy bed—or wall bed—that folds up and out of the way when it’s not in use. The Pierce office is bustling 365 days a year, but it can be spared when the family needs extra space for guests. When Todd’s sister and her husband visit during her graduate classes, they can crash on a new bed that’s as beautiful as it is functional.

Consider built-in furniture. Arlen’s bedroom was fashioned out of a loft with an angled ceiling. “There was just no space for extra furniture,” says Pottinger. So they went with built-in armoires with a bed platform—with drawers along both sides—snug in the middle.

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