How to Make Your Cat Happy and Healthy

by | Sep 2019

A happy, healthy cat perched on a scratching post plays with a cat toy

Photo: Emily J. Davis

September is Happy Healthy Cat Month. And while cats are notoriously independent, owners can increase a cat’s quality and enjoyment of life by meeting some basic needs:

  1. Feed cats high-quality, nutritious food. A good cat food is balanced with protein, fat and vitamins. Take into consideration your cat’s age and activity level. Over-feeding cats is problematic as it can lead to health issues such as diabetes and heart problems.
  2. Keep the litter box clean. Yep—that means daily.
  3. Provide entertainment. Cats like to perch by windows and watch the world as they contemplate taking it over. But they are also curious creatures who love to interact with you in active play. Cat toys or simple items like cardboard boxes can create hours of stimulation.
  4. Stay current at the vet’s office. And use a collar or safety chip in the event your cat gets outside.

Rian Thiele is the owner of Woodbury’s Pet Evolution, which offers a curated selection of pet foods and products to help local pets live long and healthy lives.


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