How to Tackle Fall Planting

by | Sep 2023

Exochorda Lotus Moon Flowering Bush

First Editions® Lotus Moon™ Pearlbush. Photo: First Editions® Shrubs & Trees

Fall is here, which means it’s time to get to planting! That’s right: Fall is a great time to get out in the yard, see what’s missing and fill in those holes before the snow comes. Your new plants will love it, too, as it’s still warm enough for roots to establish while the mild temps will be easier on the plants.

When tackling fall planting, I recommend thinking ahead to spring. While this type of planting might not give you instant gratification, think of how thrilled you’ll be in spring. After a long Minnesota winter, you’ll be treated to a landscape full of spring blooms.

As for the plants, I’ll recommend quite a few. Spring blooming perennials—like tulips, daffodils, hyacinths and irises—are fabulous. You also can’t go wrong with spring favorites like lilac, azalea, forsythia or crabapple.

Other shrubs like ninebark and dogwood might not be your first thought, but these are amazing shrubs that have fabulous spring blooms. But, if you’re wondering what my absolute favorite plant is for spring, it’s Lotus Moon™ Pearlbush. Maturing at 4–5 feet tall and 3–4 feet wide, this shrub absolutely stuns with pearl-like buds that form along each stem and eventually open into bright white blooms.

Gretchen McNaughton is the communications and content specialist at Bailey Nurseries. Grow more at


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