‘It’s Not Just About the Groceries’: Kowalski’s Celebrates 20 Years in Our Community

by | Jul 2020

The deli at Kowalski's Market.


Since its opening in 2000, Kowalski’s Market has undergone quite a few changes.

Since its opening in 2000, Kowalski’s Market has undergone quite a few changes. Dan Klassen, store manager, says that the biggest alterations within the store have been centered in the expansion of perishable items.

The deli has witnessed the largest growth, as the market offers a variety of hot food items, such as wings, ramen or classic American fare. The variety and availability of meats and cheeses has also grown, as they’ve started to expand into more organic and sustainable products.

Even though the physical store and the items within it have changed, the spirit of family and friendliness that drives Kowalski’s Market hasn’t altered.

“Not to sound corny, but we really try to not look at customers as just customers but look at them as part of the family,” Klassen says. “We want to welcome people in and take care of the needs of our customers and our community.”

Klassen says that in an effort to do this, Kowalski’s Market meets with customers a few times a year to receive their feedback on what needs to be fixed or changed within the store, what products the market doesn’t stock that people would like to have and how they can best help the community. “It’s not just about the groceries,” Klassen says. “It’s about how we fit into the community.”

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