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by | Oct 2023

From left to right: Tony Faust (Amber’s father), Noah Bisek (son), Amber Bisek (co-owner), Linda Faust (Amber’s mother), Brayden Bisek (son) and Patrick Bisek (co-owner/husband)

From left to right: Tony Faust (Amber’s father), Noah Bisek (son), Amber Bisek (co-owner), Linda Faust (Amber’s mother), Brayden Bisek (son) and Patrick Bisek (co-owner/husband). Photo: Amber Bisek

The Bisek family takes ownership of Board & Brush.

The Biseks are all in. All in on a life of adventure. All in on setting goals and taking risks. And, now, they’re all in on Board & Brush.

Amber and Pat Bisek have spent their life looking toward what’s next. Parents to two boys, Noah, 15, and Brayden, 13, the Woodbury residents purchased the local franchise of Board & Brush in February 2023. It’s an energizing addition to their already jam-packed life.

The social and community aspect of Board & Brush—a DIY workshop and creative studio focused on wood signs and home décor—is what initially stood out to Amber on a visit last autumn for a neighborhood girls’ night out.

“It’s a fun atmosphere,” Pat says. “When Amber and I originally talked about it, she was like, ‘I’ve never been there where people aren’t smiling and laughing.’ That’s what she was really looking for.”

While giving her husband a recap of the evening, Amber mentioned, “‘Oh, by the way, Board & Brush is going up for sale.’ … He goes, ‘We should buy it … ’Ber, that’s everything that drives you though, being in front of people, positivity, party planning … you should buy [it].’”

After signing the purchase agreement and going through Board & Brush training, they officially took over on February 1. Now, the Biseks have found their groove. Though they both still work 9-to-5 jobs (Amber as a customer retention and development manager and Pat is an engineer at 3M), they’ve taken on their new role as owners with gusto. “It’s super crazy busy going from one thing to the next, but I think it’s reenergizing us …” Pat says.

Friends and family were surprised to see them take on yet another responsibility. “My answer back to them is, ‘You always focus on what you want to focus on, right?’ It’s just a different set of glasses that we’re now looking through,” Amber says.

Now that they’ve made the leap, the Biseks are taking things slow as new owners and making little changes as they go. “Right now, we are really just being a sponge and learning what we can about the business,” Amber says.

Pat does everything behind the scenes, like inventory and finances, while Amber works as the customer-facing person, answering emails and inquiries, and tackling marketing and social media; their boys also help out as instructors and with other odd tasks. “It’s been really cool to see my sons see us take the bull by the horns and run with what we want out of life,” Amber says.

Their primary goals moving forward are to elevate their customer experience and empower their 10 employees. Through introducing family-style use of materials and giving employees agency by entrusting them with additional responsibilities, Amber and Pat are hoping to strengthen their community, environment and offerings.

“We didn’t do this business for a financial gain … but it was more of the social, the fulfillment of life,” Amber says.

Get Creative

At the Woodbury location of Board & Brush, there are more than 400 projects to choose from. Customers can register for a seasonal, specialty or Pick Your Project workshop, or book a private event to create a wood décor piece in a fun, instructor-led environment. While Board & Brush does offer premade signs, it’s the experience of watching customers create one-of-a-kind projects that the Biseks treasure. “Just making that connection, I think, is the biggest thing I have found my joy [in],” Amber says.

Board & Brush Creative Studio
2230 Eagle Creek Lane Suite F; 612.234.5257
Facebook: Board & Brush – Woodbury, MN
Instagram: @boardandbrushwoodburymn


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