Merriment Opens in Woodbury

merriment\merēmənt\ noun: merriment 1. gaiety and fun. 2. Woodbury’s new home furnishings destination
Woodbury resident Sarah Olsen in her new store, Merriment.

“I have always loved that word from Christmas cards and poetry,” says Sarah Olsen, owner of Merriment, a new home furnishings and accessory store that recently opened in Woodbury a few doors down from Woodbury Cafe in Tamarack Hills. “Merriment means laughter and enjoyment. A lively celebration. I really want that to be the spirit of the store.”

Merriment is not just another Woodbury furniture store. Olsen, who is a Woodbury resident and has been an interior designer for over 20 years, saw a need for a local retailer of unique and special design pieces. She has lovingly handpicked everything, traveling to the top U.S. and international furnishing industry markets to find the perfect pieces Woodbury homeowners will love.

“I am committed to originality and am not carrying a trade line that can be found within at least 20 miles of store,” Olsen says. The store carries the “bones” of a room, like sofas, draperies and rugs, as well as finishing touches such as lamps and pillows. Merriment also carries “coveted one-of’s,” such as a refurbished antique chair that has been upholstered with designer fabric. The store also offers gift items like candles, jewelry, barware and kitchen linens. “I like to say we sell everything from sofas to spoons,” Olsen says. Merriment also has a working sample room for fabrics, trim and catalogs, where Olsen can work with design clients.

The store carries brands such as Visual Comfort Lighting and Century Furniture as well as locally made small goods, including Eagan jewelry designer Sherry Ehret; YB Urban, a Twin-Cities based soap maker; and Shawn Kiene of South Hill Studio, a custom upholsterer who also makes one-of-a-kind pillows and dog beds.

The vision for the store is focused, as Olsen’s choice of the Minnesota native red fox for Merriment’s store logo represents. She likens her store’s offerings to that special rare treat of spotting a red fox. “We don’t see it all the time, and it’s a special treat when we do; that’s how I want people to feel when they find that special item for their home, that it brings that same sense of joy,” she says. The store’s motto is, “Foxy finery for your home.”

Merriment will also be planning some community events including “evenings of merriment” private shopping events and educational classes with local artisans. “Dressing a house is a lot like putting a whole outfit together. You don’t just buy a great dress without having the right shoes, jewelry and bag,” Olsen says. “Your home deserves the same.”


Sarah Olsen’s Decor Tips for Home Holiday Merriment

  • Try throw pillows in glitter and leopard prints with a splash of the newly popular royal blue. Or, if your style is rustic, try out a solid red or green with sewn-on embellishments. Merriment solution: DZKap glitter pillows, Surya felted floral appliqué pillows in solids
  • Turn that well-loved holiday rug into a wall hanging. Mount on the wall with brackets, hang some ribbon and bows from the top, and add a few sleigh bells. Merriment solution: Michaelian Home holiday rugs
  • Scented holiday candles are delightful, but best left for the foyer, bath or living room. Go with an unscented candle at the table. Merriment solution:  Volcanica candles