A Natural Fit

by | Apr 2022

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Photos: FlowFit

FlowFit Yoga and Fitness creates an inclusive environment.

For Woodbury resident Ashlee Doheny and Oakdale resident Alexandra Johnson, staying fit is more than just a hobby—it’s a lifestyle.

Like many others, the COVID-19 pandemic created a flow of opportunities for Doheny and Johnson, who created an online fitness platform complete with live Zoom and on-demand classes. “It was called A-Team Fitness, and it was a simple, online platform,” Johnson says. Though successful, A-Team fizzled out when the duo created FlowFit Yoga and Fitness.

FlowFit, a brick-and-mortar yoga and fitness studio based in Oakdale with a location just two minutes shy of Woodbury, opened in December 2021. Doheny previously served as Woodbury’s Title Boxing manager, where she met Johnson, who was also a yoga instructor at Title and other studios. They started building their business over the first lockdown in March 2020.

“My little brother came up with the name ‘FlowFit,’ and it was the perfect fit,” Johnson says. “We are so passionate about the fitness side of things, but I have a deep love for yoga as well, and I wanted something that told people, ‘You’ll get the benefits of yoga, mentally and physically, but we’ll also kick your butt while working out …’”

Doheny’s strength background is complementary to Johnson’s yoga and training experience. “That combination is what we want to put together and then teach others how to put it together,” Doheny says. That’s exactly what they’re creating at FlowFit, where the mission is to teach people how to use their body in the most effective way possible. The studio includes five types of classes, from beginner to progressive.

“One of our major goals is creating an inclusive environment,” Doheny says. “Anyone of any level can come to any class because we teach them what to do. We don’t have levels; instead, we have different types of classes for … what they might be comfortable in.” It’s a judgement-free zone and a safe space to make friends as an adult. “We have monthly events, like Poses and Mimosas or Sculpt and Sip,” she says.

FlowFit Yoga Studio

Although it’s a fitness studio, they’re hoping to pass on more than just fitness knowledge to their clients. “In all honesty, [Doheny] and I, like many other people, have been through crazy things, and I’ve learned the only things you can control is your attitude and how you show up,” Johnson says. “… Even if it’s just one person that we can get to feel the power of their own destiny, is what I believe, is the biggest driving force behind any of it.”
Since its opening, Doheny and Johnson say FlowFit has been a natural fit in the community. “It’s been so wonderful. We’re basically trying to wipe the mascara away from the tears of overwhelming joy,” Johnson says.

Doheny agrees, and says, “I’ve had an epiphany that it’s our life, and I cannot believe we get to do this together and go to our own studio, and get to do what we’re talking about forever … It’s really exciting to have the power and know we can make a difference.”

FlowFit Yoga and Fitness
8302 Third St. N., Oakdale; 651.730.1498
Facebook: FlowFit
Instagram: @flowfit_yoga_fitness


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