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by | Feb 2019

Team Technology shows off a Macbook with an iMac in the background.

Team Technology shows off a Macbook with an iMac in the background. Photo: Joel Schnell

The people behind this Woodbury business have been experts in Macintosh computers for over 40 years.

Thanks to longtime Woodbury computer shop Team Technology, Apple device owners can get down-to-earth, one-on-one help with their gadgets and gear. In fact, Team Technology is the oldest surviving authorized Apple dealer in the state of Minnesota. “We do Macintosh computers, both sales and service,” says owner David Schroeder. He’s quick to note that, Apple or not, Team Technology isn’t in the smartphone biz. “We don’t sell phones, and we’re not in the phone technology business.”

Incredibly, the shop has been around in some form since 1948. Schroeder’s dad opened Team Electronics in St. Paul, and Schroeder took it over in 1982. “We started out originally doing distribution of electronic components for TV and radio repair,” Schroeder says. “Then, my dad had something called an Apple that he had to learn how to repair and sell.” Schroeder and several other longtime employees delved into the world of those newfangled Macintosh computers, and the rest is history.

In addition to sales of computers and iPads, Team Technology offers service for Apple devices, both warranty- and non-warranty-based. “We take care of people without having to require a 10-day reservation,” says Schroeder. “We take walk-ins, primarily.” Clients can also schedule one-on-one training for their devices or tech setup on-site (at, say, a home office). Team Technology also hosts free classes on Saturday afternoons on more general topics like Mac basics, the iCloud and internet safety. “We’re open to working with virtually anybody that wants our help,” says Schroeder. “We have experienced people here. I’ve been doing it all my life.”

To see a schedule of upcoming free classes and learn more, click here.

Team Technology
8484 Tamarack Bay, Suite 102


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