The Newest Approach to Hair Salons Has Set Up Shop in Woodbury

After over 17 years in the business of hair, Betsy Benson decided to open up her own rent-your-space salon, Pinnacle Salons, right before Thanksgiving last year. This up-and-coming concept offers a unique take on the salon business.

Pinnacle Salons consists of 13 suites that stylists, barbers, estheticians and other salon professionals can rent out. Since November, eight of the 13 spots have been filled. “It’s a cool concept. Everyone has their own business inside of ours,” Benson says. “They can do what they want. We provide the space.”

Despite the suites having large glass doors that give off a sense of openness, Benson says that the stylists are still able to create a small, intimate environment, something their clients enjoy.