Ojibway Park will Begin Major Renovation

Changes are coming to this community park in the fall.
Plans include improved access, parking, programming and more.

Ojibway Park, one of Woodbury’s oldest parks and the site of Woodbury Days, will be undergoing improvements this summer. The master planning process began in July 2016, with feedback from the general public, neighborhood residents, Woodbury Days planners, the Parks and Natural Resources Commission and athletic groups. Demolition of the existing building will begin at the end of August, immediately after Woodbury Days. A new building and large play feature will be constructed in the same core area of the park.

“The Ojibway Park project is currently in the design development phase,” says Mike Adams, assistant park and recreation director for Woodbury. “The goal is to develop a unique and memorable set of facilities and amenities, focusing on family-friendly, nature-oriented activities.”

The project will also include enhancements to the park’s identity and branding at entrances and key locations. “With this new facility and amenities added to the park, our recreation division will add support programming that brings the whole community together, such as Woodbury Days, movie nights, nature-based programs and other larger gatherings,” Adams says.