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by | Feb 2021

The Coffeehouse

Tune in for a night full of student talent! iStock/golubovy

Inspired by the 1990s sitcom Friends, the relaxed and intimate coffeehouse setting became a favorite activity among high school students, according to the Coffeehouse program. It wasn’t too long after until Woodbury High School (WHS) students jumped on board and began having late-night “chill” sessions at the local Caribou Coffee. These sessions sparked an idea that would later become the most successful National Honor Society (NHS) fundraiser in WHS history.

The Coffeehouse, an annual student-run event, is a favorite school-year event that has continued for 26 years. Structured to resemble the aura of an urban coffee house, the cafeteria is set with a low stage of risers and food for sale from local vendors. About 25 WHS acts are selected from auditions, which range from vocal performances and instruments to spoken word poetry and magic.

“Coffeehouse provides an intimate atmosphere much like performances one might see at small, local theaters or coffeehouses,” says Rachel Nicholas, an advisor for NHS who, alongside Ted Welsch, oversees the Coffeehouse program. Nicholas says the student body looks forward to the event every year, thrilled to support their peers, who also prepare and host the event.

Although the theme for this year has not been selected yet, WHS plans to hold Coffeehouse virtually, says Nicholas.  She says their senior chairperson, along with other members, select the theme. A few past themes have been “An Evening in Paris,” “Roaring Twenties,” “Music on Mount Olympus” and “Cirque de Soleil.”

“WHS is swarming with talent,” says Nicholas. She says Coffeehouse provides a place for students to showcase their passion and talents.

February 20

virtual event
Tune in for a night full of student talent!


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