Plants for All

by | Mar 2021

Houseplants For All

Get out—or discover—your green-thumb.

Have you been interested in adding more greenery into your home? Or if you’re like me, you haven’t been very successful at helping your house plants thrive, so you’re looking for some quick tips on how to keep them alive? I have just the book to help you out.

Plants for All by Danae Horst helps you decide which plants would be a good fit for you and your home. Horst talks about ideal environments for plants, basic plant care and problems you may encounter and how to combat them to help keep your plant alive. My favorite chapter, “Pets and Plants,” shared some good tips, and had a list of plants that would be safe and nontoxic for our furry friends. I own a cat and a dog, and if you belong to a cat like me, you know how they like to get into everything, so this book helped plenty—and will help all pet owners out there.

Nancy S. Collett is a library services assistant for the Washington County Library system. She lives in Woodbury with her husband, and their dog, Packer and cat, Minerva. In her spare time she enjoys walks and trying new cross stitch patterns.


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