A Popular Juice Bar Opens Its First Minnesota Location In Woodbury

Bowl Bliss: Nekter Juice Bar offers acai bowls with indulgent add-ins like peanut butter.

For Miranda Willy, an obsession with Nekter Juice Bar was born during her frequent travels around the country. “In one trip to California, I went to Nekter 10 times,” Willy says. That obsession and loyalty to the product turned into an idea to open up Minnesota’s first Nekter location in Woodbury, with her husband, Kris. “We don’t have anything here in Minnesota like it,” she says.
There are more than 100 locations in up to 12 different states. Nekter’s goal is to make its healthy treats affordable and accessible to everyone. “Everything is natural and raw. There are no added sugars,” Willy says.
“Everything is made fresh to order; nothing in the juice bar is pre-made,” Kris adds.

The juice bar offers a wide variety of products, from acai bowls to juice cleanses. As far as Miranda ’s favorite, the acai bowls take the cake. “There is such a large variety and they are all beyond delicious,” she says. “I have tried pretty much every place that serves acai bowls and no one comes close to the bowls Nekter has.” The juice cleanses take a close second for Willy, who says that she sleeps better and has better-looking skin as a result of the cleanses.

Willy also suggests that Nekter juices make a great after-school or after-sports snack for kids. “It’s a great treat alternative. The juices are completely natural and raw. Parents can feel good about giving them to their kids because it isn’t loaded with [added] sugar,” Willy says.

One item to watch for that Willy is especially excited to share with customers is the acai peanut butter bowl, which (after a long contemplation) she chooses as her ultimate favorite. “It’s like dessert, but it’s good for you.”