Puppy Photoshoot

by | Jun 2021

Puppy Love!

Photo: Sigrid Dabelst

A behind the scenes look at Puppy Love!

Since spring 2020, animal shelters have seen an influx in adoptions. Families across America were getting new furry family members, many being puppies.

Sigrid Dabelstein, professional Woodbury photographer, won first place in the 2020 Focus on Woodbury photo contest with her photo, Puppy Love! The photo was taken in May 2020 and shot with a Canon 80D camera. Dabelstein says she was in the “exact right moment at the right time,” as the puppy got to play with its new brother.

“It’s one [photo] that will be timeless,” says Dabelstein. “Like, ‘Remember that one time we decided to get a puppy when we were quarantining,’ and it will just bring on these stories.”

Last spring, she was inspired by Front Steps, an organization dedicated to addressing homelessness, to do photoshoots with families who had recently adopted a puppy. That summer, Dabelstein and her camera couldn’t get enough of catching playful puppies, so she officially launched “Welcome Home Puppy Sessions.”

“It was puppies everywhere,” Dabelstein says. 


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