Raining Raptor

by | Sep 2023

Raining Raptor

Photo: Pat Donaghy

Photographer captures the spirit of football.

“This is a photo of Logan Larson, who was a senior football player at East Ridge [High School]. It was taken at the Woodbury-East Ridge football game at Woodbury High School in October 2021,” says Pat Donaghy. “… In the middle of this game, it started pouring. As many people scrambled to shelter, I stayed even though I wasn’t prepared for the rain. On this play, East Ridge had just recovered a fumble and was celebrating.”

Although the players had gone to the sidelines, Logan stayed on the field. “For a moment, with all the excitement, I was fascinated at this hulk of a player standing by himself for a moment in the rain catching his breath. It was like five seconds of solitude for Logan in this crazy atmosphere between two intra-city rivals,” Donaghy says.

Photographer: Pat Donaghy
Title: Raining Raptor
Equipment: Canon 1DX II, 70–200mm f2.8 lens; settings were 1/1,000, 5,000 ISO, at 200mm


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