Sometimes, an ‘Oops Puppy’ is Just What You Need

by | Mar 2020

Amy Goetz's dogs lie on their bed.


Our food expert celebrates the arrival of an unexpected family member.

Our family wanted a dog when we moved into our first house. We found an adorable, but neurotic puppy on an adoption site. Astaire walked in the door and upended everything. He counter-surfed, napkin-grabbed and pizza-stole his way into our hearts. Our second dog, Graham, came from another adoption site and slid right into the family routine. Astaire was thrilled to have a brother to join him in ripping up the garden and for wrestling matches. We were a happy two-dog, three-cat, three-kid home. There was more than enough chaos and affection for me.

That’s when my husband called. He said a co-worker’s dog was going to give birth to a litter of puppies and had offered one to us. I said, “Absolutely not! There’s no way we can handle three dogs in this house.”

I gave that response every time he brought up the idea.

When the puppies were ready to be given away, my husband sent a photo of the hand-picked puppy. My heart swelled as I thought, “Oh my goodness, he’s adorable!” But I still held firm. He said, “Let me bring him home to see what the boys think.”

I must have made some noise that sounded like assent, because he showed up at the house 30 minutes later, puppy in hand. I met him at the car, took the puppy from him, and we’ve been inseparable ever since. My “Oops Puppy” is the dog I’ve always wanted.

Amy Goetz and her dog Basil

Amy Goetz is a FoodE Expert for Lunds & Byerlys Woodbury. She helps customers with recipe ideas, teaches cooking classes and plans events. She writes about food and recipes. 


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