Songs of the Wildlife

by | Feb 2024

Musical water notes

Photo: Steve Porter

Steve Porter captures abstract reflections.

“I usually have the camera with me at all times. Wherever we go, I see wonderful opportunities for nature photography. Thirty to 50 pictures a day is not uncommon,” says amateur photographer Steve Porter. “… Early morning has some good opportunities, and when I stopped by the [Maplewood] Nature Center … I found the water levels rather low, but the reflections of the broken reeds coming out of the water with the clouds was immediately interesting because they looked like runes or musical notes.

“I correspond[ed] with a college buddy who is a retired Latin professor in Philadelphia and sent him the picture, and he came up with the term Hydroneumes, Water notes,” Porter says. “Our unresolved conclusion was that, we weren’t sure if it was a score that the wildlife sang, too, or if it was the pond recording the songs of the wildlife.”

Photographer: Steve Porter
Title: Musical Water Notes
Equipment: Nikon D5600 with a Nikon 70–300 mm lens
Location: Maplewood Nature Center
Category: Abstract
Award: First Place


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