The Art of Décor

by | Nov 2023

Thanksgiving Table Centerpiece

Photo: Amy Leferink and Megan Koren

It’s the magic of thoughtful décor that transforms ordinary moments into cherished memories. As an interior designer, I’ve witnessed how the power of décor can shape any event’s ambiance.

Here are some fantastic décor suggestions to elevate your 2023 holiday entertaining experience:

  1. All-Natural Décor: Embrace the beauty of nature, decorating with twigs, chestnuts, tree branches and decorations crafted from natural ingredients.
  2. Hygge Holiday: Create a cozy and inviting atmosphere with a hygge-inspired theme. Drape your space in cozy knit blankets and faux furs, and set the mood with an abundance of candles.
  3. Nontraditional Colors: Incorporate nontraditional colors (jewel tones, teal, pink, black or gold).
  4. All-White Holiday Décor: Transform spaces into a winter wonderland with all-white décor.

A living space adorned with thoughtfully chosen accessories can create an atmosphere of comfort and style that naturally draws people together. From coordinating color palettes to arranging decorative elements, these small details have the ability to make an ordinary evening extraordinary.

Amy Leferink is the founder and principal designer and Megan Koren is the marketing director at Interior Impressions. Find more at


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