On Their Latest Album, Woodbury's Capital Sons Reflect on Rose-Colored World

Members of the rock band Capital Sons pose with their instruments.
Woodbury resident Rick Paukert creates heart-on-your-sleeve rock music with his band, Capital Sons.
Capital Sons

When he’s not working as a marketing manager for 3M’s commercial solutions division, Woodbury resident Rick Paukert serves as the lead guitarist of local rock band Capital Sons.

Formed by lead singer Karl Obermeyer in 2005, the band’s members come together to produce real, heart-on-your-sleeve songs that have meaning and depth.

“After over a decade, membership has changed as peoples’ lives have changed, but with the current lineup, the band is at its strongest point yet,” Paukert says.

Along with Paukert and Obermeyer, the band has a drummer and bassist. They gather from Minneapolis and St. Cloud to write and rehearse in Paukert’s home studio, Band Camp Woodbury.

With the release of their fourth album, Rose-Colored World, they focus on honest rock that combines heart, soul and substance, Paukert says. “The guitar-forward sound is driving in the same vein as Tom Petty, U2 and Led Zeppelin,” he says.

The full-length album’s lyrics often reflect commentary on current events but are up to individual interpretation, Paukert says. And that’s how he came up with the album’s title. He wanted it to represent how people look at the world through varying lenses. “Even the cover of Rose-Colored World depicts the edge of a day in unique colors viewed through a fractured lens that leaves the image’s meaning up to interpretation,” he says.

Down-to-earth vibes run through their music and extend to their style. “Usually, you will see the Sons in smart button-down shirts, jeans and perhaps a sharp sport coat,” Paukert says.

They have performed at a variety of venues, including the Lake Harriet Bandshell and Holidazzle, and continue to branch out to new places. Find out where they perform next through their website, and listen to Rose-Colored World on CD or on your favorite streaming service.

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