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by | Feb 2021

Handsome smiling man reading a book while sitting on the sofa.


Jade Dragon Mountain transports the reader to China.

With so many aspects of life on hold right now, those of us who love to travel must find another way to scratch that itch. I have found that one of the best ways to do this is through a book. While reading, I’m easily transported to experience more lives, places and times than I could ever visit in person.

One book particularly good at virtual transportation is Jade Dragon Mountain by Elsa Hart. This mystery, set in 18th century China, at the far reaches of the empire, follows Li Du, an exiled librarian. On his journey to leave the empire, Li Du stops in the last Chinese town before the Tibetan border. Hours after his arrival, an elderly Jesuit astronomer is murdered in the home of the local magistrate. To complicate the situation further, the town is filling with visitors who are arriving to celebrate a solar eclipse commanded by the Emperor himself.

The mystery keeps the pages turning but the details made this story come alive. The historical and cultural details make this book a wonderful way to travel across time without leaving your couch.

Natalie Eierman is a library manager with Washington County Library. The top destinations on her travel wish list are Morocco, Japan and England.


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