On Trend at Home

Roxanne Potter of Pomegranate Designs shares the latest in home décor.
Owner Roxanne Potter at Pomegranate Designs.

Gone are the days of avocado-colored refrigerators, wallpaper, wood paneling and brass fixtures. It’s time for an update and opportunity to freshen up with remodeling. But before you overhaul your home, you may want to reconsider some of those design aesthetics. Not only are some of these dated decor ideas coming back, but they are on trend with the latest in home decor for 2018. Maybe not the avocado appliances … at least not yet.

When it comes to home décor, what’s old is new again. Wait long enough and trends will come back into style. This time around, those trends have taken on a rich and dramatic look, combining different elements in sophisticated ways. Roxanne Potter, owner of Pomegranate Designs, shares her take on what’s trending in 2018.

Color Trends

Potter says that there are two major palettes making it big in 2018: shades of neutrals and dramatic saturated colors. With two such opposite styles, homeowners are likely to be drawn to one when it comes to styling. “The neutral color palette no longer leans towards shades of gray but instead has warm tones like whites, creams, caramels and tans,” she says. Think softer and warmer. It offers a classic and cozy look. The saturated color trend is full of drama and rich colors that make a statement. The intensity of the navies, blacks and charcoals make this a bold option.

Achieving both the soft and subtle decor and the eye-catching drama of the saturated color palette is possible through the placement and use of materials, Potter says. It’s not just the paint on the walls, but comes together with color, textures and patterns. A room really feels complete through its fabrics, wood tones, metals and accessories.

Dramatic Choices

Potter says that a creative twist can be used on a traditional application. This means you can go big and make a statement with large patterned wallpaper or use a creative layout for tile. For example, instead of traditional horizontal placement, switch the direction and align rectangular tiles vertically. Hexagon tiles are popular and terra cotta tiles are making a comeback.
Sometimes concentrating a material or color as an accent wall is the perfect design solution. And it’s not just accent walls. “Don’t forget the ceiling,” Potter says. “Wood walls or ceilings can create many types of dramatic effects, from rustic to sophisticated.” A returning trend is called cerused wood, a wood treatment hundreds of years old where the wood grain can be seen through a whitewash.

Accessories and Metals

Accessorizing a space ties all of your other choices together. Potter notes that opulent richness is in while industrial design is on its way out. Fabrics bring in rich textures in the upholstery, window treatments, and pillows and throws. Velvets and furs offer plush sophistication. “The metal of choice is brass as it compliments both the neutral and saturated color trends,” Potter says, adding that black cabinets with brass hardware are a hot option for kitchen design in 2018. Tribal and global influences are popular ways to accessorize spaces while organic elements and natural materials are also on trend.