Trick Shot

by | Mar 2021

Child flipping on trampoline

Photo: Susan Jamison

First place photograph captures the playfulness of summer.

“I think the power of photography is memory and emotion,” says Susan Jamison, who received first place for her submission titled Topsy Turvy Summer in the People & Families category for the 2020 Focus on Woodbury photo contest.

“Finding my niche took some time; I wanted to do everything at first. I didn’t decide to narrow until I found what I enjoyed most,” she says.

Jamison is a local family and high school senior photographer. Her business, Focus Photography, began 10 years ago and has been capturing memories ever since. After the stay-at-home order was lifted, Jamison was allowed to photograph and captured her winning photo from a family portrait shoot last June, which was captured with a Nikon D750.

“When we had finished taking the typical kinds of portraits, I suggested that we have some fun capturing things that their kids enjoy,” she says.

Jamison says the family has three great sons and the one photographed in Topsy Turvy Summer loves anything that involves a good physical challenge. “He’s always trying new trick shots and learning new flips on and off the trampoline. So, we captured that,” Jamison says.


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