Wedgewood in Woodbury Turns 20

by | Jul 2013

Wedgwood Community

Wedgewood homeowner association marks 20 years of maintaining an exceptional community.

The Wedgewood homeowners’ association turns 20 years old this summer. Although this planned development dates back to 1984 beginning with construction of Wedgewood (now Prestwick) Golf Course, the homeowner association was incorporated in 1993. Then in 2003 property management oversight transferred from the original developer, Minnesota Mutual Life Insurance Company (now Securian), to a board made up of Wedgewood property owners. The primary goal of the Wedgewood homeowner association has been to retain the developer’s original design concept, maintain a sense of community and preserve property values. With approximately 1,000 housing units on large scenic lots, 15 miles of streets and 13 miles of trails, the Wedgewood development was at the time the largest in Woodbury. More than 7.5 million cubic yards of dirt were moved to construct Wedgewood’s streets, home sites and perimeter landscape berms, enough to fill the Metrodome over three times. Cathy Yee remembers moving into her family’s new home in Wedgewood Park just after the big Halloween snowstorm in 1991. “We liked the concept of a planned community,” Yee says. “We originally wanted a lot by the golf course. But it seemed older kids lived on that side of Woodbury Drive. We had young kids and decided to build in Wedgewood Park instead.” Yee has fond memories of all those young neighborhood kids growing up together. Now young families are beginning to filter into the neighborhood. But many original homeowners have opted to stay even after their children have grown and gone. “The association covenants help keep the neighborhood looking nice,” Yee says. “Plus, I love my neighbors. It will be hard to leave here if we decide to downsize someday.” Colleen Johnson’s family moved into Wedgewood in April 1993. “We had some Woodbury friends drive us around various developments,” Johnson says. “Many were nice. So I asked my friend which she would choose. She said Wedgewood because of its large lots and neighborhood feel.” Johnson became a neighborhood representative to the association board when it was still run by the developer. She was elected to the homeowner association board in 2005 and is currently the association secretary. “I’ve watched this area grow into a beautifully mature development,” Johnson says. “There are picturesque green belts, tennis courts and trail access right outside my door.”  Johnson and Yee remember the Wedgewood developer sponsoring Christmas parties, back-to-school parties and catered summer gatherings complete with pony rides for the children. “We also hosted our own neighborhood parties,” Johnson says, “with rented bounce houses and treat bags. There’s nothing on that large scale anymore. But there are still many neighborhood gatherings.” Al Rudnickas is president of the Wedgewood homeowner association. Rudnickas’ family moved to Wedgewood nine years ago. He says, “I’ve owned six homes and lived in three planned communities with an association. Wedgewood is unique because homeowners call the shots and have managed to maintain the classic beauty of the original plan.” Rudnickas describes his work with the association as a labor of love. His commitment stems from his belief that a homeowner-governed community needs homeowners to participate. The association maintains all common areas including signage, monuments, pillars, fencing, mail boxes and landscaping. Those tree-lined berms and thousands of spectacular spring tulips necklaced around the neighborhood monuments are part of the care the association takes to maintain the charm and beauty of their community. And as Wedgewood the community matures, decisions must be made regarding repair, replacement or renovation of landscaped areas and monuments. “We try to be cost-efficient,” Rudnickas says. “But we’re willing to spend money to keep our community looking nice. “It’s funny. But when I drive through newer developments, I notice all that will need to be repaired or replaced one day.”&For more information on Wedgewood development go to


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