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As my husband and I were traveling throughout California’s Coachella Valley late last year, we stopped and thought how lucky we were to have the privilege of visiting such beautiful destinations and exploring new parts of the world. We hiked through Joshua Tree National Park, rode an aerial tramway up to the top of San Bernardino National Forest and relaxed in the desert oasis under a sky full of stars.

This year, we’re planning a spring break—to where, is the question. We’ve floated several ideas around but have yet to land on a destination. Looking for a vacation spot this spring? Look no further than Woodbury’s own expert, Andrew Hallfrisch of Northstar Travel Co., who created his company out of his passion for travel.

And if you’re anything like me, you may be planning your outfits weeks in advance to your takeoff day—if you’re like my husband, on the other hand, you’re most likely waiting until the night before your flight to pack your suitcase! In either case, Debby Terlizzi of Mainstream Boutique shares what she’s packing and wearing on her flights. I may just take a tip or two, myself.

In every scenario, it’s important to be well-versed in the destination that you’re visiting. Renée Stewart-Hester shares how to make instead of break your well-deserved vacation. Find the list of must-have items and topics to research prior to travel in her article What’s on Your Travel Planning To Do List?

Where are you traveling to, readers? Send me a note at hailey@localmedia.co, and tag us in your spring break photos on Instagram, @woodburymag. Who knows—we might even share our favorites!


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