What Do You Get From Giving?

by | Nov 2020

Volunteers pack food kits.


Giving promotes happiness as a reward.

What are the motivators that prompt us to give of our time, money and energy? It is often the giver, not the receiver, who reaps the biggest payback by volunteering and giving, making virtue truly its own reward.

How do you begin? It is about being available, willing and open to those in need—and humbly understanding that we are all in this together! Mother Theresa said, “We can do no great things, only small thing with great love.” Let the needs of people you encounter dictate the best way to give, whether it is someone who could use some emotional support or a colleague who needs a lift.

Every social catastrophe or crime we hear about is not yet another sign that the world is beyond saving. We are in control and have choice in our response to the pandering of the media. Know the facts, watch with a different perspective and discern how to use your resources and time.

Our world matters. Reach beyond and widen your scope to send a message of hope, faith and kindness, is one’s charge. Who in your community would benefit from your attention and time? Connect with your community: teenagers, elderly, those in prison or the sick. Take a class with the National Alliance of Mental Illness, share your voice, pick up listening techniques. Get excited about something you would love to do. Volunteering has a powerful impact on the duration and quality of your life.

The giver receives more than a passing great moment; your actions will be better aligned with your values and your health, and getting more grounded will deepen your relationships with your community.

Margaret Wachholz is the campus marketing director at Woodbury Senior Living. In her column, she shares observations and wisdom about aging and senior living in our community.


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