Winter Garden

by | Dec 2023

First Editions® Shrubs & Trees

Photo: First Editions® Shrubs & Trees

A long Minnesota winter can be a little hard on us gardeners, but that doesn’t mean the winter garden lacks interest. Here is a list of four things to keep your eye out for this winter when you need some fabulous winter garden views.

  1. Stems: Be on the lookout for red twig dogwoods, like First Editions® Firedance™ Dogwood. The vibrant red stems provide fantastic contrast to the white landscape.
  2. Foliage: Evergreen shrubs, like arborvitae, are staples in the landscape and for good reason. Its foliage stays green throughout the winter, providing a much needed pop of color in the garden.
  3. Exfoliating Bark: This one is one of my favorites, as it’s different and unexpected. A shrub, like Amber Jubilee™ Ninebark, features exfoliating bark, which looks like it’s peeling. This feature adds a unique and unbeatable texture to the winter garden.
  4. Berries: Little bits of color go a long way in the winter, and berries do just that. Wildfire™ Winterberry, with its red berries, and Candy™ Coralberry, with its pink ones, are my go-to when I need colorful sights.

Cozy up this winter, and take in the garden views
before the next gardening season arrives.

Gretchen McNaughton is the communications and content specialist at Bailey Nurseries. Learn more at


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