Wonderful Woodbury Getaway

Try a “staycation” right in your own backyard with recommendations from local residents on things to do, see and eat.

The staycation trend—to act like a tourist in your own backyard and see your community with new eyes—is a good one any time of year, but especially in the summer, when kids are home from school and outdoor activities are plentiful. We thought it would be fun to catch up with some of the Woodbury residents who have appeared in Woodbury Magazine over the past year, and find out what they like to do for a “getaway” right here in town. If your family is craving something that feels new—a new park to visit, a new restaurant to try—you don’t have to take our word for it. Here are some great recommendations, straight from our very own neighbors.

“I love to run, and Woodbury is a great place to do that. Whether you prefer walking, running or biking, there are plenty of trails. My favorites are Powers Lake and Colby Lake.” —MaryKate Schoonover

“Here’s the perfect staycation for my family: We would grab a smoothie at Tailor Made before heading with our mountain bikes to the trails at Carver Lake. Then we’d relax on the beach there while the kids went swimming. After that, we’d grab some food to go at Whole Foods. Our kids would be playing the video games there while we shopped. Then we’d pack up our car with blankets, chairs and a grill and head to Vali-Hi drive-in to do a little tailgating, then settle in for the movie.” —Rebecca LeVander

“We love Angelina’s Kitchen as our favorite Woodbury restaurant…My friends and I enjoy walking around Colby Lake. We like taking our grandkids to Madison’s Place to play. Woodbury is a great place to live.” —Joanne Barrett

“My family and I love to eat at Angelina’s Kitchen. It’s wonderful for lunch and dinner. One of my favorite walks is around Colby Lake. It’s so beautiful, and I’m grateful I have it close to me.

We also love to go to movies—Woodbury 10 has the best popcorn!” —Jenni Hoeffel

“Just thinking of fun days we’ve had in Woodbury, they’d include [Madison’s Place] at Bielenberg with our grandkids; biking or hiking the great trail system around the city; a Sunday church service at Liberty Ridge Elementary School; ending with dinner at Angelina’s or Thanh Truc or pizza from Donatelli’s [in White Bear Lake]. You can tell we love food!” — Linda Wilford

 “My favorite activities in Woodbury include grabbing a bite to eat at Punch Pizza (hands-down best pizza!), ice skating at the HealthEast Sports Center outdoor rink in the winters, going for a run around Colby Lake in the summer and shopping at Patina. When I’m in the mood for a sweet treat, I also enjoy getting a cupcake or cookie dough from Nadia Cakes.” —Grace Killeen

“A few years ago when my son, Michael, was a young dad with preschool twins, he and I had the idea to take the twins to every park in Woodbury. It was a blast. We discovered new and wonderful parks (and we’ve lived here since 1979!) right here in Woodbury. The twins had a great time exploring each one. We had our favorites that were repeats and may have missed a couple, but it was lots of fun checking each one off. Of course, Lake Elmo County Park is close, too, and not to be missed…For families with older kids, many of these parks have geocaching sites! They’re also super fun for families and multiple generations. My grands loved it.” —Kathie Wilden

“I love to hike around Colby Lake. It gets the juices going and stimulates the senses… I can watch the mallards along the shore, look for the spring green on the trees and check out the kids fishing from the pier. It’s a kind of urban/country approach to the outdoors.” —Dave Nimmer

“My favorite place in Woodbury is Ojibway Park. I love that, on any given day, I can get off the beaten track and explore one of the nature-based trails, take my kids to the playground, or check out one of the community events that take place there.” —Andrea Date

 “The paths and parks in Woodbury are my favorite places to run. I enjoy biking there as well. Friends who have moved into the area in recent years say that our paths and parks (and wonderful school system) were key deciding points to choose Woodbury. Regarding shops, just about everything I would want is found in Woodbury.” —Craig Johnson

 “My family and I really enjoy getting out on the tucked-away bike paths, particularly between Colby Lake Park and Kargel Park, and around Powers Lake Park or Carver Lake Park as well. Some areas are really secluded and have a great ‘up-north-out-of-town’ vibe. For restaurants, it’s hard to beat Angelina’s Kitchen near Eagle Valley. But we also love going to The Tavern Grill, Lakes Tavern and Grill and Carmine’s. With so many new options, though, we’re eager to do more restaurant sampling this summer. We’re always interested in getting out on Prestwick or Eagle Valley golf courses. We’re just lucky to live in a community with a lot of great things to do.”—Joe Thornton

“One of my favorite places to go is Central Park by the library! It’s a hidden secret. I love to sip a cup of hot coffee and listen to the waterfall and smell the earthy tones of the outstanding horticulture. The temperature stays the same all year long, so it remains a welcoming attraction all year long in Woodbury.” —Marsha P. Anderson

“In Woodbury, we are simply spoiled with so many great places and spaces. Almost every neighborhood has a great place to visit. My childhood neighborhood allowed me to play baseball and other childhood games at Potawatomi Park; allowed me to run laps (and try to avoid the geese); and play basketball and tennis at Odawa Park…My kids and I have greatly enjoyed our neighborhood park, Ridge Park. [And] as my kids are basketball players, more than any park, we spend more time at the gyms at East Ridge than anywhere else. For a restaurant date night getaway, my wife and I love going to Cravings and The Tavern Grill. Our favorite spots after church include Ze’s Diner, Keys Cafe, and the Woodbury Cafe, and the best spots for a getaway with friends would include Ray J’s, Bonfire  Wood Fire Cooking and O’Malley’s.” —Christopher Burns