Woodbury Continues to Establish Itself as a Health Care Hub

With the opening of two new orthopedic centers, Woodbury continues to grow as a major player in the health care field.
TRIA’s new Woodbury facility

TRIA’s new Woodbury facility offers hydrotherapy and a spacious physical therapy gym; Twin Cities Orthopedics has relocated to a new facility on Radio Drive near HealthEast Sports Center.

When it comes to health care, Woodbury is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with. The industry has grown dramatically throughout the east metro in recent years, especially as some of medicine’s biggest names now call the area home. This fall, Woodbury gained two new state-of-the-art orthopedic centers, which aim to make high quality, innovative health care even more widely available to residents.
After a 15-month construction process, TRIA Orthopaedic Center, a sleek 75,000-square-foot facility, opened in the CityPlace development last September. Although new to Woodbury, TRIA has a long history of innovation in health care throughout both Minnesota and the U.S. TRIA Bloomington, which opened in 2005, was the first orthopedic center in the country with a full-time, walk-in orthopedic urgent care. That same level of innovation and commitment to patients is integral to TRIA Woodbury, too.
“We are really building on the model that we established at TRIA Bloomington as we bring TRIA Woodbury to life,” says Steve Housh, vice president of orthopedic services at TRIA, Health Partners and Park Nicollet. “There is a wide range of services, that same kind of one-stop-shop experience for our patients and guests.”

From underwater treadmills to motion analysis systems, TRIA Woodbury boasts a full scope of orthopedic and sports medicine services. The unique blend of expertise and care means that patients can rest assured that they will always be in good hands at TRIA. Every patient who walks in will be greeted by a “patient navigator” who will accompany them throughout their entire visit, helping them fill out paperwork, get an x-ray, schedule follow- up appointments and answer any questions that come up.
“That’s definitely an innovative model that we’re bringing to Woodbury, and we’re really excited about it,” Housh says. “It’s something that we think will really help from a coordination of care perspective and enhance the patient’s experience and understanding, as they’ve got that person with them the entire time.” TRIA’s hotel recovery program provides patients a comfortable place to stay while ensuring that they get the care they need to fully recover.

This “over the top” model of care is central to TRIA’s mission and vision. Housh says that, primarily, is what he and the rest of the team are most excited about. “We’re bringing this concierge care flavor to how we work together around serving a patient,” he says. “We’re taking the same hands-on, warm patient experience from our other location and bringing it to a whole new level. We’re really excited to bring that to life at TRIA Woodbury.”
Twin Cities Orthopedics (TCO), another major player in the health care field, has also recently relocated in Woodbury. Chief operations officer Dan Cresco says that TCO had outgrown its previous location on the Woodwinds Health Campus and wanted to integrate its services. “Having all of our services under one roof basically allows the physicians to orchestrate a total bout of care for a patient,” he says. “If a patient comes in, and let’s say they’re having some knee pain, they’ll start by seeing their physician. If they need to get imaging done, they can just go right down to therapy without needing to get into their car and drive anywhere. Having all of that done in one stop reduces the number of times that a patient has to come to the clinic and get service, so we can take care of as many things at one time as possible.”

Cresco says that TCO’s biggest goal is providing easy access to high quality care for patients in need. The orthopedic urgent care is open every day from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.; there is no need to call ahead for an appointment or seek a referral, as walk-ins are always welcome. The building’s location makes seeking care so quickly easy, as well. “It’s great being right next door to the HealthEast Sports Center, and the schools are right over there, too,” Cresco says. “We’re central to the Woodbury market, and seeing where the growth is going to be on the south side is really exciting.”

The opening of both TRIA and TCO are good news for the Woodbury community. City planner Eric Seales says that while access to quality health care is certainly nothing new for Woodbury, there is no time like the present for Woodbury residents seeking treatment. “The market has identified Woodbury as its suburb of choice for health care, and because of this dedication, the city is seeing more depth of specialty care, which is to the benefit of our residents,” he says.

Health care is integral to Woodbury’s job sector—one in five jobs is in the field, and more than 190 health-related businesses are based within the city, according to the city’s website. TRIA and TCO are beneficial additions to the growing health care scene. “The quality of these operators and the quality of the facilities that they’ve constructed will ultimately set a tone for future development—more places to work and beautiful buildings that provide amenities to the community of Woodbury,” Seales says. “We’re really excited to have these additional health care options in Woodbury, and we look forward to the future, when we anticipate additional high-quality users coming into our marketplace.”

(Photo courtesy of Twin Cities Orthapaedic Center)