Woodbury Resident Named 2018 Chiropractor of the Year

by | Feb 2019

MN Spine & Sport owner Scott Schreiber

Photo: Tate Carlson

Scott Schreiber brings an award-winning approach to MN Spine & Sport.

Most people occasionally indulge in daydreaming about being recognized for doing something awesome—whether that’s accepting a gold medal or winning an Oscar for best performance. But relatively few of us get to live out those dreams. Scott Schreiber, owner and lead doctor of chiropractic at Woodbury’s MN Spine & Sport is one of those few. In September, he was honored at the “Oscars of chiropractic medicine” when he was awarded the 2018 Chiropractor of the Year award from the American Chiropractic Association Rehab Council, recognizing his excellence and ongoing commitment to the discipline and field.

“It was surreal to be surrounded by my mentors…people in the field who I’ve admired and learned from most…and hear my name called,” says Schreiber. He mentions being seated next to the Baltimore Ravens’ team chiropractor as a mark of the level of talent present. “I was so surprised and humbled by the honor, all I could do when I got to the mic was say ‘thank you.’”

Although he’s only been practicing in Woodbury for less than a year, Schreiber has a loyal following of patients. While the practice has been open since 2007, MN Spine & Sport was purchased by Schrieber last May, six months after he and his wife Carey were drawn to Minnesota. They’d been searching for a community, anywhere in the country, that would be an ideal place to open a practice and raise their two young daughters.

“The sense of community really won us over,” says Carey. “Woodbury is such an active, outdoor and sports-loving community, which is often good news for a sports chiropractor. But for our own family and ourselves we immediately loved how much there is going on and how much there’s that community aspect to living here.”

MN Spine & Sport has been a great connection point for the Schreibers to get to know Woodbury residents, as the practice welcomes patients of all ages and walks of life. Athletes—from elementary-school kids to the elderly—are Schreiber’s patients. His credentials help explain the appeal; he’s currently the only doctor in the city double board-certified in rehabilitation and clinical nutrition, and is a firm believer in evidence-based care.

Carey Schreiber says, “It was really important to us to create an environment that wasn’t stuffy and institutional, but healing.” In addition to traditional chiropractic care, MN Spine & Sport offers spinal decompression, specialized orthotics, acupuncture and more.

Scott Schreiber points this out as a differentiating factor in the way he practices. “I take a holistic approach to both diagnosis and treatment, because I know how interrelated the body is,” he says. “People come in here with what they think is a neck problem, and often the root is a shoulder problem. We really look at the whole picture.”

MN Spine & Sport
8360 City Centre Drive, Suite 120


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