Woodbury’s Beauty and Fashion Experts Break Down Winter Trends

by | Nov 2019

A woman models winter fashion trends.


Keep up with the beauty and style trends this season.

The holidays are quickly approaching, and it’s time to prepare for all of the parties that come with the season. What’s trending? What are the newest, healthiest products to bring into our routine? What are the quickest ways to go from hockey hair to party hair? Let’s check in with some Woodbury beauty experts.


To keep your hair healthy, do a mask once a week and use a good leave-in conditioner. I love the Living Proof Restore Mask Treatment. Don’t have time for washing with everything going on? Dry shampoo is a must; my personal favorite is Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo.

Now it’s time to style for the parties! For long hair, use a medium-sized curling iron to curl your hair. As the curls cool, spray them with a texture spray like Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Body Builder, and then comb them out with a wide tooth comb. If you’ve got short hair, you can still curl your hair with a flat iron! Add some of the Body Builder and you’re all set for a night out. —Andrea Nickleby, Mrs. Nickleby’s Hair 

Portrait of beautiful blond woman in white in white sweater and blue hat



There’s no better time to go shopping than getting ready for holiday party season. Some hot trends for this cold season continue to be animal and camo prints. It’s not all about red and green. You can be bold with really amazing prints. We are also seeing a lot of faux fur, ponchos and jogger and palazzo bottoms. It’s all about being chic, yet comfortable. —Deb Terlizzi, Mainstream Boutique


Just because it’s not sandal season anymore doesn’t mean you should stop doing pedicures. Winter is actually the most important time to keep up with your feet for so many reasons, including to keep the nails and skin clean; to increase circulation with a massage; and to moisturize and polish calluses to avoid cracks that could lead to infection. Not to mention the importance of self-care during the bitter cold months of winter. My one must-have product for fall and winter is DD Cream from Footlogix. It moisturizes from the inside out, so it’s super hydrating and combats the elements to keep your feet healthy, hydrated and smooth. We use DD Cream in every pedicure and recommend our guests to take it home for additional hydration between services. —Chamee Her, Frenchies Modern Nail Care

Ryan McEnaney was born and raised in Woodbury. He was formerly a celebrity and beauty publicist in the Los Angeles entertainment industry, and now owns Frenchies Modern Nail Care in Woodbury. He also works at his family’s business, Bailey Nurseries.


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