Wooddale Fun Zone Is the Community’s Cherished Spot That Provides Fun for All Ages

The Wooddale Fun Zone has been full of memory-making possibilities for 43 years. With inline and roller skating, a multi-level soft playground, full arcade, café and novelty shop, this is a wonderful place filled with fun for all ages.

Known formerly as the Wooddale Recreation Center in 1974, the site has been a staple of the Woodbury community, consistently providing multi-family entertainment for all groups in all generations. “It has become a real family institution for this city,” says Kevin Sahly, general manager of the Wooddale Fun Zone.

The skating and the arcade are fun zones for all ages. “Little bitty ones up to senior citizens can skate at any time,” Sahly says. The skating rink provides skate mates to aid younger children learning how to skate, and parents are allowed to walk on the skating floor with them as well.

The play zone is the only age-constrained feature of the establishment, strictly contained to children ages 10 and under.

Recent additions to the Fun Zone include quality custom-designed roller skates with neon green wheels, as well as new geometrical black light carpet that will illuminate fully under black light. However, some things never change, as indicated by the original hanging disco balls.

Sahly says that the facility sees multiple people who remember skating here in the ’70s or doing dances like the hokey pokey, coming back for fun years later. The memories made here are what make this venue so unique.