2020 Focus on Woodbury Photo Contest Winners

A bald eagle takes off from a rooftop.
Congratulations to the winners of our 2020 Focus on Woodbury photo contest!

Every year, Woodbury Magazine accepts photography submissions for our annual photo contest. In September, winners were selected by a juried panel for each category and a Reader's Choice winner was selected by you, our readers. Congratulations!

Activities & Events

First Place
Red Rock Teacher Parade by Stephanie Lundell

A Red Rock Elementary student holds a sign reading "We Miss You Teachers, We Love You Teachers

Second Place
Submerged by Bethany Nordman

A kid wearing a scuba mask.

Third Place
COVID-19 by Donna Lloyd

A painted rock reading "We're all in this together" sits on the ground.

City Landmarks

First Place
Fading Day at Miller Barn, Valley Creek Park by Brian Myer

The sun begins to set over Miller Barn.

Second Place
Sunshine on the Heritage House by Heidi Hopps

The Heritage House

Third Place
Broken Class by Laila Masoud

Two lamps on a wallpapered wall.

People & Families

First Place
Topsy Turvy Summer by Susan Jamison

A boy mid-jump on a trampoline.

Second Place
Quaranteam by Mackenzie Harding

A family portrait taken through a window.

Third Place
Simple Summer by Mackenzie Harding

A girl drinks from a hose on a sunny day.


First Place
Puppy LOVE! by Sigrid Dabelstein

A boy plays with his puppy.

Second Place
Her Favorite Season by Samu Miller

A dog sits in the snow.

Third Place
Meow by Heidi Hopps

A cat pokes their head through a fence.

Wildlife & Nature

First Place
Prepare for Takeoff by Tom Hawkinson

A bald eagle takes off from a rooftop.

Second Place
Spring Storm by Kent Nye

A spring snowstorm

Third Place
Neowise Over Woodbury by Andy O'Meara

The comet Neowise in the sky above Woodbury.

Reader's Choice Winner

Love Between Father and Daughter by Nadine Schultz

A father and daughter smile for the camera.