3 Fall Crafts to Keep the Kids Busy

by | Sep 2020

A Broccoli Stamped Fall Tree


Get creative with these family-friendly fall crafts.

As the great outdoors transforms into vibrant fall colors, you and your family may begin to feel an itch to get creative. More time inside may also require activities to keep kids busy. Whatever your motivation, we’ve curated a list of fall crafts to help channel your inner artist.

Broccoli Stamped Fall Tree

If your kids won’t eat their vegetables, they may as well put them to use! Get out some fall-colored paints and draw out a tree trunk and some branches on a piece of paper. Then, wet the top of the broccoli in the paint and dot it all over the branches for an abstract leaf effect.

Leaf Painting

Feeling cooped up? Go on a walk and collect some leaves, then paint one side of each leaf with reds, oranges and yellows. Press each leaf onto a piece of paper for a beautiful leaf collage.

Paper Plate Porcupines

With summer barbecuing season over, it’s likely you have some extra paper plates laying around. Fold a plate in half and glue the two sides together in the middle. Then, paint both sides of the plate with browns and golds. With the folded side at the bottom, cut out the silhouette of a nose and snout. Cut the ribbed top of the plate along the indentations about an inch deep, leaving the head you’ve cut intact. Draw an eye, nose and smile on each side and you have a spiky friend that looks great on the refrigerator.


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