3 Trendy Fall Hairstyles—and How to Do Them at Home

by | Sep 2019

A trendy fall hairstyle for women by Emily Woodstrom Hair Artistry

Photos: Chris Emeott

Woodbury hairstylist Emily Woodstrom walks us through three trendy fall hairstyles you can do yourself, plus recommendations on how to ask your stylist for a certain cut.

If Emily Woodstrom has learned one thing from her years as a hair expert, it’s that styles are constantly evolving.

“There’s always a trend, there’s always a fresh new look; it’s never the same technique,” she says.

Woodstrom, who works at Pinnacle Salons in Woodbury, has been cutting hair for nearly 20 years. An Aveda-certified color coach, she studied in Paul Mitchell and Aveda programs and has seen styles come and go over the years. A good stylist, she says, will pay attention to these trends and offer looks to their clients, or help style cuts and colors to align with current looks.

So, how do we stay on top of the constantly evolving trends? When it comes to inspiration, Woodstrom recommends taking to Instagram and observing celebrities—and Europeans.

“I like to see what celebrities are doing on the red carpet, and Europeans usually go through trends before they hit the U.S.,” says Woodstrom. “Ongoing education is super important, and I like to share those insights with others. Sometimes I’ll ask a client if I can try out a new braid or styling technique I’ve learned in classes.”

As for current styles, Woodstrom has seen a move towards lived-in hair with warm tones. Short blunt bobs, fringe-y bangs, and bohemian, airy braids will continue to grow in popularity.

To help readers try out new trends for themselves, Woodstrom walks us through three styles you can do yourself, plus recommendations on how to ask your stylist for a certain cut.

The Fringed Pony

Hillary Skahan, Orangetheory Fitness Coach

“When requesting bangs, it makes a big difference whether you wear them blunt vs. piecey,” says Woodstrom. “Blunt will add weight to hair, so if you want heavier bangs, get them cut blunt. For an airy look, ask for a more textured cut.”

  1. Start with clean hair and blow dry.
The Bold Braid
A trendy fall hairstyle for women by Emily Woodstrom Hair Artistryg

Kimberlee Seltz, stylist at Pinnacle Salons

“This braid is something that works for all ages—and is a great option for busy moms on the go,” says Woodstrom.

  1. Start with clean hair and blow dry.
The Beach-y Bob

Ashley Fox, floral designer for Ashley Fox Designs

“This look demonstrates how to style a wave,” says Woodstrom. “Most people are looking for how to do a loose wave, rather than a curl. This look will help people give their hair movement in just a few minutes—it’s an effortless look that’s fast and easy.”

  1. Start with clean, wet hair and blow dry straight. Tool: Aveda paddle brush
The Life of a Stylist

Woodstrom has been a hair expert for as long as she can remember. Her work is beloved by clients and has caught the eye of the local community; her styling for a photography shoot was featured in Minnesota Bride.

But for Woodstrom, styling has always been about more than hair. “I just recently cut a man’s hair who, at age 55, had never had a professional haircut,” she says. “That really made my day—I love being able to connect with people. It’s not just about hair, it’s about caring for people.”

“Desert Island” Tools and Tips

When it comes to hair care, tools can make all the difference. “Most people think they can get by with a cheap blow dryer, but these can cause a lot of breakage,” says Woodstrom. We asked her which tools and products she can’t live without—the ones she’d want on a desert island, if you will.

  • Curling iron: Hot Tools Curlbar or Sam Villa curling iron
  • Straightener: BaBylissPRO Nano titanium 1-inch straightener
  • Dry Shampoo: Oribe dry texturizing spray. “This spray adds volume and texture, and it’s great for fine hair … a great alternative to dry shampoo.”
  • Blow dryer: Dyson Supresonic. “The ones in hotels are horrible; I always tell everyone to pack their own.”
  • Finishing powder or hairspray: Kevin Murphy Doo.Over or Session Spray Flex
  • Ponytail holders: Sephora Collection
  • Hair clips: dpHUE hair clips
  • Shampoo and conditioner: Kevin Murphy
  • For dry hair: Hydrating wash and rinse
  • For fine hair: Angel wash and rinse
  • For keeping bright blond color: Blonde Angel wash and rinse

Emily Woodstrom Hair Artistry
Pinnacle Salons
7774 Hargis Parkway
Instagram: @emilywoodstromhair

Special thanks to Heather Trachsel for providing makeup for the shoot.


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