2019 Focus on Woodbury Photo Contest Winners

by | Sep 2019

Woodbury Sunset by Gunnar Edlund

Photo: Gunnar Edlund

Congratulations to the winners of our 2019 Focus on Woodbury photo contest!

Every year, Woodbury Magazine accepts photography submissions for our annual photo contest. In September, winners were selected by a juried panel for each category and a Reader’s Choice winner was selected by you, our readers. Congratulations!

Activities & Events
1st: Balloon Drop Dash by Julie Prior-Miller
2nd: Throwing a strike by John Crouch
3rd: School’s Out For The Summer! by Sigrid Dabelstein
Honorable Mention: Fireball Upside Down by Steven Shor
Honorable Mention: Polar Vortex – Plowing driveway snow by Manjinder Kaur Papial

People & Families
1st: Biking at Carver Lake by Manjinder Kaur Papial
2nd: Grandma’s First Meeting by Nathan Gubbins
3rd: Pitch perfect by Matthew Jungbauer
HM: Summer Sprinkler Fun by Tara Korkowski
HM: Lacrosse is more fun in the rain by Patrick Donaghy

1st: Taste of Summer by Lorrie Burdeski
2nd: FIFI The Cat by Weston Ziton
3rd: First Snow by Loriene Pearson
HM: I love Andy’s Bark Park! by Susan Jamison
HM: Cat in a Box by Reese Wilcox

Wildlife & Nature
1st: Edge of Woodbury by Andy OMeara
2nd: Recovering Warbler by Loriene Pearson
3rd: Blade Runner by Donna Lloyd
HM: Woodbury Sunset by Gunnar Edlund
HM: Stopping by for a Drink by Jane Andersen
HM: Hummingbird by Ray Lentz

City Landmarks
1st: Miller Barn by Jane Andersen
2nd: Stonemill Farms Community Center by Manjinder Kaur Papial
3rd: Smoke on the Water by Donna Lloyd
HM: Drip, Drip, DROP! by Evelyn Heisler
HM: Fall Bounty by Julie Ohs

Reader’s Choice Winner
Boreal phantom by Chao Wang

See all the winning photos here!


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