5 Interior Design Mistakes to Avoid

by | Nov 2019

An all-white kitchen designed by Interior Impressions.

Photo: Amy Leferink

Amy Leferink of Interior Impressions offers five common errors homeowners make.

We have an incredible amount of interior design inspiration at our fingertips, giving us more power than ever to create our dream homes. However, the overload of interior ideas can sometimes become confusing to establish what is right for you, your home and your family. Here are some common errors we see—we hope we can help you avoid the same mistakes.

  1. Trendy “permanent” decisions. When selecting materials for your home, make sure your “permanent” fixtures will stand the test of time and trends. Choose finishes for your flooring, countertops and tile that you’ve been drawn to for years and mix in trendier items through accessories.
  2. Uninspired neutrals. The trick to designing beautiful neutral spaces is to incorporate layers, textures and variations. Mix materials and finishes across upholstery, wood and metals to add interest.
  3. Unrealistic budget or timeline. Don’t let home improvement shows fool you—renovations take a lot of time! Meet with your interior designer first to develop a design plan before meeting with tradespeople to determine a realistic budget and timeline.
  4. Cheap vs. inexpensive. Invest your money in high quality pieces that are durable and meant to last. There are always inexpensive alternatives available, but stay away from cheap products that are made for mass production and not longevity.
  5. Lifestyle disconnect. Don’t base selections solely on looks or trends. Consider your lifestyle and how home improvements can improve the daily life of you and your family.

Amy Leferink is the principal designer and owner of Interior Impressions and Woodbury Blinds. She’s been helping clients make their homes a place they love to be for more than 25 years.


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