Beautiful Distractions

by | Jun 2023

Beautiful Distractions

Photo: Ariana Paratchek

A photographer captures her excited pup.

“Beautiful Distractions is a photograph of my dog Bucky intently watching a squirrel climb through the big tree in my backyard. It was taken at the end of summer,” says Ariana Paratchek, photographer of Beautiful Distractions, which received first place in the Pets category of the 2022 Focus on Woodbury photo contest. “I do mostly insect photography but also spend a lot of time photographing the Renaissance Festival, as well as doing family photos here and there,” Paratchek says. View more of Paratchek’s work at

Photographer: Ariana Paratchek
Title: Beautiful Distractions
Equipment: Nikon D5100, Sigma 105 mm lens
First Place: Pets


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