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by | Mar 2022

Bellies to the Sky
Woodbury author publishes the benefits of breathwork for kids.

Local author Colleen Canning describes her new children’s book Bellies to the Sky as “an excellent way to teach children, and anyone who is reading, how to use our breath to relax and slow down.” The book is told by four animal spirit guides, who lead the audience in mindful breathing to achieve a deep sense of calm and more peaceful night’s sleep.

Canning has traveled to 56 countries to take part in various yoga, self-care and breathwork teachings and has learned from distinguished leaders all around the world. She was at a yoga retreat in December 2013 when inspiration for the Bellies to the Sky struck.
“I thought, there’s got to be a way to blend the coaching of breathwork with animal guides and relaxation. I raced back to my condo and started writing,” Canning says.

Breathwork can help children remain calm, sharpen attention and focus, reduce stress and more. This nighttime read shares powerful teachings accompanied by dreamy illustrations. Canning says, “Life can be stressful, but breathwork is the biggest tool at our disposal to slow down and relax.”

Bellies to the Sky is available for purchase in-store at Patina and Red Balloon Bookshop and online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  


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