The City of Woodbury and the Washington County Library Team Up for This Popular Event

Big Truck Day returns to Woodbury for its ninth annual event packed with ambulances, fire trucks, tractors, mail trucks, tow trucks, garbage trucks—you name it.

At the free event, kids can explore the ins and outs of vehicles, sit in the driver’s seat, and even chat with the drivers.

Big Truck Day also includes story time with a firefighter, kid-friendly music and costumed characters from kid-friendly books.

What’s your favorite thing about the fall harvest?
Here are top picks as we head into orchard-visiting season.

1. Fun to pick for kids and grown-ups alike, and, of course, ever so sweet. Pie, anyone?

2. Eat ‘em in a pie or carve them up into spooky jack-o-lanterns for Halloween.

3. Summery sweet corn ends its season soon; next look for colorful decorative corn.

4. The varieties are endless, and the quirkier the better. Bumpy, lumpy, yummy.