An Eye for Design

No matter where she goes, Monica Diaz will remind you there’s no place like home.
Monica Diaz, owner of Decoré Interiors, has returned to Woodbury after living in Arkansas.

After constantly moving due to her husband’s career, Monica Diaz discovered that she had an eye for design. Each move required her to set up and decorate a new home for her family, and it was through this that she found her love for interior design. Twenty years later, after obtaining an interior design degree, she has continued, crafting her own business, Decoré Interiors LLC.

Building her business, Diaz had the flexibility to work as much as she could, while holding down the home front and raising four daughters. With her most recent move to Arkansas, where she had to build her client base from the ground up, she retained this adaptability. “I didn’t know much about the area,” Diaz says. “The only thing I knew was that it was Walmart headquarters.”
Diaz began volunteering with local nonprofits. The rewarding experiences gave her a presence in the community and showcased her talent, bringing her design projects from many Walmart executives. “Not too bad for a small designer from Woodbury,” she says.

Last summer, Diaz and her family returned to Woodbury, where she continues her passion as an interior designer and works on projects across the country, plus one in Peru. She’s connected with clients through active social media engagement and attends interior design markets/trade shows to gain inspiration for her next project. However, it is the “people who welcome you with open arms” that makes Woodbury a special place, she says.