Focus on Woodbury: Bella

by | Aug 2022

Focus on Woodbury submission featuring a white dog outside.

Photographer and artist honored in Woodbury’s photo contest.

For emerging artist Loriene Pearson, taking pictures of her English setter, Bella, is a favorite among her and her friends. When Pearson described this May Day, she says, “Bella loves our daily park visits. She considers Ojibway Park her park. She will sit obediently for me to get the shot, quivering and waiting for the ‘OK’ to be released and then leaps to chase nearby rabbits and squirrels. On this spring day in May, the trees were blossoming and matched the white of Bella’s coat, while petals and dandelions decorated the grass. Bella let me take the shot, but her priorities were definitely elsewhere.” Pearson’s camera is always set, whether Bella is ready or not.

Photographer: Loriene Pearson
Title: Bella
Equipment: iPhone 12 Pro Max
Second Place: Pets


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