Focus on Woodbury Photo Captures Frost-Covered Farmers Market

by | Oct 2020

Vegetables dusted with snow at the Woodbury Farmers Market


Julie Ohs captures a snow-dusted scene at the farmers market.

“The story behind the image is how quickly the weather in Minnesota can change,” says Julie Ohs, the photographer behind Fall Bounty, submitted to Focus on Woodbury in 2019. Any Minnesotan can attest that they’ve left the house prepared for one type of weather, only to be surprised with something completely different shortly after leaving.

For Ohs, what began as a morning of blue skies and sunshine at the farmers market was suddenly interrupted by a flurry of snow. “It was a beautiful sunny morning and all of a sudden within roughly 10 minutes all the flowers and produce at the market were covered in fluffy snow,” Ohs says.

Ohs took out her iPhone to capture the vivid colors of the produce dusted with an unexpected layer of snow. “My favorite thing about the image is all the fresh beautiful produce and how amazing it looked covered in snow,” says Ohs.

For Ohs, the photo serves as a testament to her love for the farmers market. “The market is my happy place; all the fresh food, flowers, variety, colors and people,” Ohs says.


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