Grow The Perfect Garden

by | Apr 2023

Blooming White Flowers on Branches

Photo: Gretchen McNaughton

Looking for tips on how to design and execute the perfect garden for your home? Follow these four steps:

1. Know Your Space
Monitor your yard for a day to see the amount of sun each space gets, pick up a soil test at your local garden center, and use the U.S. Department of Agriculture Hardiness Zone map to determine your zone. Hint: Woodbury is Zone 4.

2. Determine Your Time Commitment
The amount of time you spend in the garden can be
determined by the varieties you choose and how you plant them. For something that wows without needing a lot of care, plant Jade Parade® Sand Cherry. This is a low-maintenance, drought-tolerant shrub that’s a pollinator favorite.
3. Get Inspired
Not sure about what plants to use or what design aesthetics you like? Start browsing through garden books, blogs, magazines and social media.

4. Design and Shop
Grab a pen and paper, and start drawing out your design. It’s important to take into account how big each plant will get at maturity to ensure it has enough room to grow and thrive. When it’s time to start shopping, either in person or online, keep that design with you as a reference. You did all the planning, so now it’s time for some fun!

Gretchen McNaughton is the communications and content specialist at Bailey Nurseries. Learn more about care for your garden shrubs and trees at


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