Head in the Clouds

by | Aug 2021

Shay and Layla

Shay, 5, and Layla, 11, served as the inspiration for the characters in The Cloud Book of Wonder. Photo by: Christina Brandt

Let your imagination run free with The Cloud Book of Wonder.

Stratus, Cirrus, Cirrocumulus. There are many types of clouds, but for local author Christina Brandt, cloud gazing is more creative than their scientific terms.

“I’ve always been a cloud lover [and] have always taken many pictures of clouds,” Brandt says. With an intriguing imagination, Brandt says she has always dreamt up different cloud shapes with her children and grandchildren. On rainy days, she would have them draw pictures and tell the kids to share the story of the drawing.

“When I was raising my kids, I would lay with them in bed and make up stories,” she says. “Now I do this with my grandkids, Layla and Shay, so it become a project that we decided to do.”

The Cloud Book of Wonder, Brandt’s first book, creates an interactive experience for children and grown-ups alike. The book, co-authored by Layla (11) and Shay (5), combines Brandt’s photography with Layla and Shay’s imagination to inspire others to daydream, imagine and tell the stories seen in the clouds.

Brandt says, “The Cloud Book of Wonder is for all ages, not just kids, since we all like to imagine what clouds are.”

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