Let There Be Light

by | May 2024

Let There Be Light

Photo: Joseph Shoemaker

See Woodbury from a new perspective in this winning photograph.

“My main inspiration for the photograph comes from the hidden landscapes that exist not only in Woodbury, but Minnesota as a state. Usually every night, there is a fantastic sunrise that can’t always been seen to the fullest extent on the ground level,” says Joseph Shoemaker, amateur photographer. “Trees might be blocking the way, or we may not have quick access to an open field to see the sunset. Before we know it, it’s basically gone in the matter of minutes! But through the use of aerial photography with the help of my drone, there’s a brand new perspective to see every evening, and it truly feels like an art piece every time. The light that shines from the clouds, alongside the mix of colors, it honestly makes for a spectacular sight.” (See more of his work on Instagram, @jetblizzard.)

Shoemaker says the photo was taken from his backyard in Wedgewood Heights during a warm July evening. After noticing a golden tint to the sky, Shoemaker grabbed his drone and flew it straight up from his backyard. “For this photograph, I just used my DJI Mini Pro 3 Drone,” he says. “It’s a great drone for beginners and advanced photographers alike.”

Shoemaker started in photography in 2018 when his grandfather gifted him a Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 but says he started taking photos with anything that could capture a shot. “I’ve fallen in love with photography ever since,” he says. “My motto is that anyone can be a hobbyist, amateur or advanced photographer, but, in the end, the labels don’t really matter. It’s actually the emotion and value you bring to the photograph that really makes the whole thing worthwhile.”

Photographer: Joseph Shoemaker
Title: Let There Be Light
Equipment: DJI Mini Pro 3 Drone
Location: Wedgewood Heights
Category: Places
Award: First Place


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