Welcome to the April 2024 Issue

by | Apr 2024

Woodbury Magazine April 2024 Issue

Welcome to our spring homes issue—where we dive into the latest trends in interior and exterior design, share inspiration on how to make your house a home and explore the opportunities of a new abode.

Do you ever feel as though your home lacks character? Have you thought that you may have fallen prey to the lackluster greige (gray + beige) trend? I found myself in a similar situation just a few months ago when, after taking down all of my colorful holiday decor, I was left with a color palette that didn’t include much color or character. My home, which had just been full of iridescent lights and comforting colors, felt bland and more like a showroom than anything else.

I took tips from home experts, including Kim Boothe of Willow Lane Interior Design and Sarah Olsen from Merriment Interior Design. Boothe shares how she incorporates texture and color into homes to create a comfortable and chic environment. Boothe also touches on how personal taste and trends might not work together. Next, I looked toward the colorful home that we feature in Explore a Sunny Sanctuary by Merriment Interior Design. In this local home, designed by Olsen and her team, pretty pinks, magentas and bright blues partner with lively patterns and pieces with character.

Both of these stories implored my husband and I to explore how we can incorporate more of our personalities into our living spaces. Our home is now filled with pale pinks, baby blues and touches of greenery—plus, a colorful floor-to-ceiling bookshelf filled with my favorite titles.

Readers, I encourage you to take a look around, and see how your home plays off your personality. Hopefully, you will find a reflection of yourself in your humble abode.


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