Meet a Woodbury Champion

by | May 2023

Mike Lewis

Photo: Mike Lewis

“For me, it’s all about family,” says Mike Lewis, founder of 3P Boxing 24/7. He is living a dream with the power to change lives. A professional boxing trainer since 2011, Lewis opened his first gym in Woodbury, 3P Boxing 24/7 which rapidly became a community hub with unique diversity and reach. “When I see people 70 years old training with someone who’s 12, that’s what it’s all about: building everyone up to what they’re capable of,” he says.

Lewis’ boxing journey began when a friend, whose father owned a gym, asked if he wanted to learn to box. “It literally changed my life. [It’s] the single most impactful thing I decided to do,” he says. Passion for the sport would soon merge with a love of teaching and a degree in secondary education. “I love kids and wanted to be an educator. To be able to teach kids something I’m passionate about is a dream come true,” he says.

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