Meet the Founder of the Woodbury Champions Program

by | Apr 2024

Jacques Peulen (left)

Jacques Peulen (left)

Would you like to get involved in your community, meet some new folks and help out? With that simple thought, Jacques Peulen started the Woodbury Champions program to gather more volunteers for the Woodbury Community Foundation (WCF). “In the last year, we have had 80 great new members in our Champions program of which six or seven are new board members for the foundation,” he says. Peulen realized the need for new volunteers when he saw the same people volunteering with many organizations and events around Woodbury.

Peulen plays a vital part in organizing Friends’ Fest, WCF’s annual fundraiser. This year’s event is on April 26 and the goal is to raise $100,000. The funds gathered will help the WCF give grants to other organizations and help meet the needs of underserved families in the city. The Derby Day-themed event will be a chance for women to dress up in their fine hats and furs and be escorted by gentlemen in tails and tux. It promises to be a memorable event with derby-themed games and live auctions for fun experiences, including a stay at a hunting lodge. Find tickets at

Manali Shah is with the Woodbury Community Foundation and is an active volunteer in Woodbury and Washington County for over 20 years. Find more at


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