Over 55 Years of Woodbury

by | Feb 2023

Woodbury Heritage House

Photo: Woodbury Heritage Society

Red Rock Township—created in 1858—was later renamed Woodbury Township in 1859 after Levi Woodbury, a New Hampshire Supreme Court justice and friend of the town’s first board chairman. For over a century, the land was owned by roughly 15 families who farmed and produced dairy products. Then, the area began to expand.

On Valentine’s Day 1967, the residents and town board of Woodbury Township met, deciding to incorporate the township as a village. It wasn’t until 1975 that the village was developed as the City of Woodbury. “The development and population growth qualified us to be called a city,” says Wayne Schilling, a member of the Woodbury Heritage Society and longtime Woodbury resident.

As we celebrate Woodbury’s 56th anniversary, Schilling observes that while the landscape has changed, the community continues to thrive. He says, “[The anniversary] gives us a basis of understanding the city. Though we have grown from 2,000 to over 80,000, it still is a community that works together and enjoys the land.” Much like it was back then.

For more information, go to woodburyheritage.org, or email Schilling at heritagesocietywoodbury@gmail.com.


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